Friday, 28 June 2013

Theatre Week

I'm probably not going on a holiday this year, so I've decided to have a week off in London and go to see a whole lot of theatre instead. A theatre week.

I'm going to see Shakespeare, Gorky, Victorian Music Hall Farces, Pinter, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets, various new writing and the Ustinov revival. And probably other stuff too. A definite variety. Will I overdose on theatre? It's possible, but as an entertainment I've loved since childhood, I think I'll survive. I'm trying to pack in as much as possible, and also visit theatres I've not been to before. Matinees, evenings, promenade performances. Did I mention sock puppets? It's going to be a busy week. I may even attempt to review some of the shows. But if I don't review them all, it's not necessarily because I hated them - perhaps I'm just grabbing sleep rather than writing. Or I'm at the theatre. Or I'm in Japan, which is splitting my theatre week into two parts. Or maybe I did hate them.

So if you see a stray redhead sat on her own in a theatre, possibly scribbling in a notebook during the interval, feel free to come over and say hello and recommend a play. I still have a few gaps in the schedule to fill...

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